Dream Match Wrestling is collaboration between Miami natives DREAMAKEAA and Sauce Killa. The concept was brought to life in December 2018 when we thought, "hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we created cards for matches we wish actually happened?" 

Together, we worked hard to create a brand that die-hard wrestling fans could whole-heartedly embrace. We bring to life the dream matches that never happened, the ones we so desperately wish could have happened, and even the ones that we demand happen NOW!


Through the support of our friends, peers and social media following, we've had amazing success selling our pieces through various mediums, and we hope to continue expanding our collection of DREAM MATCHES! The pro-wrestling community is a community where passion and our love for the sports links us together in all tracks of life. We encourage you to reach out and share any ideas or collaborations you'd like to see happen.

Both of us have our own unique styles, and we accept commissioned pieces. You can find us online @dreammatchwrestling on IG, and through wrestling events and local art shows.